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Recent Sermons

Below are recent sermons from our preachers. Click on one of the sermons below to listen. Or you can go to our Sermons page to hear all of our sermons. If you like what you hear, come by and hear them in person.

The Art of Intimacy

Have you ever wondered why the church doesn't speak more often to the subject of marital intimacy? Join us as we get an inside look at the wedding night of this couple. God clearly has a lot to say on this subject, including the proper context for intimacy, why sex outside of this context is so damaging, and how to kindle the flames of intimacy in your marriage.This passage provides some great insights into a couple's dating and courtship relationship. The lesson uses the song of songs to discuss important boundaries before marriage and talks about having great communication with your mate…

The Art of Attraction

The Song of Solomon is one of the most raw and passionate books in the entire Bible. The story gives us some snapshots into a love story as it progresses from attraction to marriage. This sermon is about attraction, and is the first of a six-week series in the book. One of the lessons learned is that desire is a Godly characteristic, but to be careful not to awaken love until it is time…

Christ’s Ambassadors, Voting Bloc

"Evangelicals." That is a word that is supposed to mean "Gospel People" but it has come to mean a voting bloc that politicians can court with certain hot-button issues. American Christians can be manipulated and tricked by politicians, distort Jesus' teaching, and lose their grip on the gospel. This is made possible when American Christians lose their Christian identity to their American identity. How do we get back our Christian identity? Listen to the final part of The Cross and the Sword to find out…