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Recent Sermons

Below are recent sermons from our preachers. Click on one of the sermons below to listen. Or you can go to our Sermons page to hear all of our sermons. If you like what you hear, come by and hear them in person.

Worst Sinners, Moral Guardians

Often Christians are bothered when they live in a culture where there are people and ideas that are critical, disrespectful, or even hostile to Christianity. Aren't Christians supposed to be the Moral Guardians of Society and take a strong Stand against sin? To do that, doesn't the Church need to use power to influence and police the culture? In this lesson we explore what makes Christian Witness effective and suggest how to take a strong and effective stand on Sin…

Prince of Peace, God of War

The use of force is very prevalent and the threat of violence is inherent in the power structures of the world. But Jesus' otherworldly kingdom calls for a different use of power. Jesus followers are called to pursue peace, repay evil with blessing, and not live by the power of the sword. Though many embrace the worldly kingdom mentality and take up the sword as a necessary evil to achieve peace, Jesus followers have peace as their goal and also the means they use to pursue that goal…

Different Kingdoms, Different Power

Jesus' Kingdom is otherworldly, different from every kingdom of the world. We can see the difference in how these Kingdoms use power: the kingdoms of the world use power-over others whereas the Kingdom of God uses power-under others. In this lesson we explore these differences and why they are important. As Citizens of the Kingdom of God: we must be aware of the differences between the two kingdoms, we cannot compromise our ultimate allegiance to our King, and we must resist the temptation of power-over and trust in power-under…