Welcome to Gateway church of Christ!

We’re glad you’re here! If you’re local and looking for a church, we want to let you that Gateway’s final service will be June 10, 2018. You can still visit us for Bible class at 9:00am and Worship at 10:00am up until then. Each Sunday will be a celebration of God’s blessings. This website will continue a little longer so you can still hear the past two and a half years of encouraging sermons and blog posts. God has blessed our work here and we’re thankful that we could serve Him in this area!

Recent Sermons

Below are recent sermons from our preachers. Click on one of the sermons below to listen. Or you can go to our Sermons page to hear all of our sermons. If you like what you hear, come by and hear them in person.

God Is Faithful: Rahab

The story of Rahab is one that inspires us to find God’s faithfulness in his interaction with this heroin of the faith. Rahab is the third most mentioned woman in the Bible, God must have thought she was very important. In this lesson we will learn about how God pursues, delights and embraces us…

God Is Faithful: Daniel

The book of Daniel is a book about God’s sovereignty and rule in the world. Take the journey of traveling with Darius to find out how God is everlasting and ultimately a rescuing God. Follow Daniel in the reality that he believes in this faithful God and consider how God’s faithfulness changes the way that Daniel lives his life. In the story of Daniel and the Lions Den we find the story of a man who is changed because of his belief in God. He lives distinguished, devout, and his life is defined…

God Is Faithful: Miriam

Carl takes a look at the Moses story through the eyes of his sister, Miriam. She is a character that we can recognize needs hope, just like you and I. She is awaiting a Savior and God delivers her through Moses. In the same way, God has sent us Jesus as a Savior/deliverer to rescue us from sin and death. When we mount up courage to believe in God and take steps in living out, then we start to recognize the faithfulness of God. Also, when we start to stand up for justice/mercy for others then we start to recognize God’s faithfulness. In this lesson, we are reminded of God’s faithfulness at work in the world and how our attitude or actions help us to see that more clearly…