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Recent Sermons

Below are recent sermons from our preachers. Click on one of the sermons below to listen. Or you can go to our Sermons page to hear all of our sermons. If you like what you hear, come by and hear them in person.

ACS: Amos

The prophet Amos is a prophet that has been called by God to preach a difficult message to the people of Israel. He preaches a message that reminds us that God cares about the justice of the poor, needy, and oppressed. We also learn that God cares about his own justice as he refuses to accept worship from the people who live unfaithful lives. Finally, our message today reveals that Amos was a man who was called, committed, and courageous…

ACS: Mary of Bethany

What makes Mary so free-spirited? God has freed her Spirit so that she is not so easily pushed by others in the wrong direction. Though we will always have others putting their expectations on us, if God has freed our Spirit we can still do the right thing. We know God has truly freed us if our heart is in the right place and we truly desire to do what's right…

ACS: Paul

During his life, Paul lives with a powerful sense that the spirit is working effectively in his life. Take a journey with Paul to three instances in his missionary journeys where the Spirit was guiding him.How is your life wrapped up in the calling of the spirit?…