Financial Peace University

Gateway is excited to announce that Financial Peace University is coming here in 2018!

The class will start on January 9, 2018 and go till March 6, 2018. It will go from 7p to 9p. The class will meet every Tuesday here at Gateway in the Holmdel Community Center at 6 Crawfords Corner Rd. The cost is $109 per family.

This is a great opportunity to start your New Year off right! The holidays are over and the bills are coming in. You probably spent too much this holiday season. For some reason Christmas just “sneaks up” on you. That’s ok, it sneaks up on everyone else too! Now is the time to get back on track and prepare for next Christmas.

Who’s this course for? Really, it’s for anybody. Maybe you’ve taken the course before and want a refresher. Maybe you’re trying to climb your way out of student loan debt. Maybe you have credit card debt. Maybe you’re saving for something in the future like a house, car, college. Maybe you think budgeting is a four letter word and you stay away from anything having to do with a budget. Maybe you don’t know the first step to controlling your money. So…yes…this course is for anybody.

Getting Out of Debt

Helping Families Get a Plan

Live Like No One Else

If you watched the videos, you can see why we’re excited to be hosting Financial Peace University. The information in this course is beneficial to so many people on so many levels. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can start any time. The important thing is to take action and start.

If you’ve been doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results…NOW is the time to break that cycle and try something new and get different results. 2018 is your year to get out of debt and get control of your money!

YES! I am ready to get out of debt and gain control of my money! Click HERE to register for the class.