Christ’s Ambassadors, Voting Bloc

“Evangelicals.” That is a word that is supposed to mean “Gospel People” but it has come to mean a voting bloc that politicians can court with certain hot-button issues. American Christians can be manipulated and tricked by politicians, distort Jesus’ teaching, and lose their grip on the gospel. This is made possible when American Christians lose their Christian identity to their American identity. When we look to our earthly nation for security instead of finding our hope in Christ alone, we can take the virtue of loving our country and turn it into an idol. In this lesson we look to Jesus’ example of how he rejects the false choices of the world and refocuses on the mission of the Kingdom of God. We live as Christ’s ambassadors to a world that is not truly our own, so we look to Jesus’ example of how to live in that tension without compromising the mission of God.

Philippians 3:18-21