Small Groups

Why be a part of a small group?

  • Helps you grow closer to God…
  • Helps you grow closer to each other…
  • It’s fun…
  • There’s fellowship…
  • Recharge your spiritual batteries…
  • Similar to how the early Christians met (in each other’s homes)…

Winter 2017 Small Group

When? Every Tuesday (1/10-4/11) from 7p-9p

Where? 19 Reids Hill Rd., Morganville, NJ 07751

Contact: Carl Williamson (615) 856-3315

Who? Everybody! This group is open to anybody. If you have kids, no kids, married, single, etc; you’re welcome here.

What? Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

It’s impossible to be spiritually mature, while remaining emotionally immature. Join us for our 8 week small group that will help you discover how emotional health and contemplative spirituality, when interwoven together, offer nothing short of a spiritual revolution, transforming the hidden places deep beneath the surface of your life. The Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Small Group will help you discover a slowed down life to cultivate a deep personal relationship with Jesus. Moreover, you will be introduced to key biblical themes that integrate emotional health with spiritual maturity.

Other Groups

Prayer Ministry Team

This group meets the 1st Sunday of every month. They meet at the end of worship in the back of the church. They have 2 teams that will pray with you. If you need prayers for whatever reason, meet with them in the back of the church.

The purpose of the prayer ministry team is to actively encourage and promote prayer within the life of the church. By being open and responsive to the working of the Holy Spirit, we pray that God’s love, guidance and healing power would be released for the benefit of His people and to His glory.
Contact Lydia Prendergast for more info: (732) 379-7912

Men’s Breakfast

This group meets every 1st Saturday of the month from 9a to 11a.
This is a chance for the men to come together and have fellowship while strengthening each other.